In digital age, website serves incredible importance to get businesses running, known and understood by the market. It provides product knowledge, engage customers, increase brand awareness and  even running the entire business in E-Commerce !


In the company, we understand that designing website is not just about making it looks pretty and registered by SEO like google or bing. But It also needs to be a WORKING website. It must have an easy access information, direct and quick to engage audience. A design that direct audience's attention to the place where you want them to observe more and call for action. It's a marketing tools and most importantly, conversion tool for your sales point !

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SEO - Search Engine Optimization

It is very important to have your site found by search engine when your potential lead searching for products or service that relevant to yours. Page Title, Paragraph, Metadata and some others parameters are essential to have your site found by leading SEO like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.


Our design follows the specification guideline from leading SEO  to ensure your beautiful site registered and found by  your audience.


It's essential for modern website to be mobile friendly. The usage of smartphones and tablets rise exponentially each year especially in developing countries. Say good bye to designing three different versions of website for different platforms. Welcome RESPONSIVE website! A single version of website smartly adapt itself to different type of resolution, range from desktop to gadgets with various specs.


Regardless of budget, this has become the standard in every website we built for our customers. Reduce cost and faster delivery !


Occasionally, we build website that took advantage of retina display.  Retina display is patented by Apple and exists in Macbook Pro, Ipad and Iphone devices. The display of the screen packs with higher pixel density as compare to normal screen. As a result a website built with HiDPI (retina) has crispier graphics, easier to the read and looks better.


In the rising trend, cinemagraph caught markerter attention. Bored of still photo ? Say 'hi" to living photo !  This incredible new visual medium breaths photo to life ! Not only it gives a fresher impression, it also sets you apart from the rest. Research shows that website that has cinemagraph incorporated increase traffic multiple fold ! That's exactly what you build website for. To engage more audience and create more potential leads !


With the combination of creativity, the right technical skill and proper shooting equipments. Cinemagraph is priceless.

We will bring your entire digital marketing campaign to the next level.


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