It is the final gate of production. The stage where all visual elements, sound and music mix are fuse producing the final outcome of the contents.  This is the most crucial part in the entire productions.


We provide an independent post production service for indie to mainstream filmmakers, be it short movie to feature length duration.


Eclade provides wide range of services. Equipped with highend processing system rarely find in the region. Our fully integrated workflow for each stages in post production is rock solid. In result, we are able to provide delivery for different type of media and platform which native and color accurate in accordance to SMPTE standard.



Online Editing

Digital Intermediate / Color Grading

Image enhancement processing

Kodak / Fuji / Agfa Film Emulation

Upscale & Downscale Conversion

Substitle Conversion


Motion Graphics

3D Animation

Digital Compositing


Matte Painting

Color Space conversion (Log/Lin/Gamma Corrected) EXR advanced workflow.

Digital Film Restoration

Color Restoration

Color Imbalance / Variation

Scratch & Dust Removal

Grain Removal

Contrast Restoration

Frame Stabilization



Color accurate conversion for targeted device :


DCP (Digital Cinema Package) with 5.1 Surround Sound

H.264 (HD) and H.265 (QHD) - Stereo & Surround

Quicktime Family

Other various digital format.


Technical Service :

Technical and Creative LUT conversion

Calibration service to SMPTE target


Award Winning

Our award winning works has been shown locally and internationally, Cannes Film Festival, Toronto Film Festival, Busan International Festival and Balinale International Film Festival.

Workflow Consultation

We offered consultancy for advanced project workflow. Regardless of scope and budget.


We approach the same workflow for all type of works to ensure highest standard

are achieved in the final outcome.


If you want to see more of our works and pricing for our services,

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We work around the clock from Monday to Saturday.

We normally reply within 24 hour or less.

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