Video and Cinematic Production is a very strong form of audio visual medium. We enjoyed and saw this in our everyday lives. Coming from 15+years of filming experience, we strongly believe in the harmony of picture and sound blend together creating a master piece for audience to enjoy. This is the ultimate form of art together with the fusion of the latest technology.


Having local & international experience, it allows us to have a better perspective of how to direct content and tell story in a better way. In every level production, Film, Company Profile, Commercials, Ads for Social Media, Documentary, Music Video, Training Video, Educational Video, all have a form of story telling in different ways. We are able to produce a content that is more enjoyable for different genre of your contents.


Our award winning team consists of a very experience individuals in the industry. Producer, Director, Director of Photography, Art Director, Editor, Animator, Colorist right up to finishing and delivery for different type of media from TV, gadgets and cinema.


Regardless of budget, we are always trying to get a better angle of story telling in every projects we do.



One of the advantages of having your content show in cinema is captivating the audience. The audience resistance is much lower due to the fact they are not able to switch channels unlike watching it from TV and more focus.  If done properly, the audience will remember it for longer period of time.  Upon request only, we are able to produce content and deliver it for cinema purposed.


Our service is very reasonably price !  We provide couple of guideline in terms of pricing


1. The complexity of the concept

2. The amount of talents involved in the shoot.

3. Shooting Location

4. Number of shooting days

5. Complexity of CGI - Computer Generated Image


A project can range from simple to complex type of work. It is all based on the initial concept and budget provided from the client.

We prefer to talk about this upfront to align expectation.


We give our warmest welcome to any discussion for your projects ! We will work out the best solution that match to your marketing budget.


Call us or Contact Us now for free consultation !


Technically, we are well equipped with the latest technology range  from editing suite, coloring suite (SMPTE color accurate monitor) and our highend cinematic camera eg. Arri Alexa and RED Digital Cinema Camera to be used for your projects !


On the lowest end camera, we employed mirrorless camera (eg.Sony A7S II) with optimal recording format Apple Prores 422 or 4444 to maintained color fidelity and dynamic range of the footage. Any lower form of compression will not be accepted in our production. We maintained a very high standard result during production before proceeding to post production.


We believe in UNITY where each stage of projects is carefully plan & executed until finishing. We produce majority in house for flexibility, quality assurance, reduce cost and faster delivery !


 Please see post production for our backend system support.




We work around the clock from Monday to Saturday.

We normally reply within 24 hour or less.

Please provide as much details as possible for more accurate feedback.

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